T-Blade™ : Professional Hair Trimmer


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T-Blade™ : Professional Hair Trimmer

Suitable for all hair and beard types, this T-Blade Pro clipper offers you all the skills you need to finally get a smooth, finished cut for your head and beard.

Using a clipper at home is a smart economic choice, as it will save you a trip to the hairdresser several times a month and an average of $25 for a haircut.

So it’s time to take matters into your own hands with the T-Blade Professional Linear Trimmer. You’ll be able to get the same result in the comfort of your own home without spending a single cent.

Specification :

This will be the only clipper you need in your arsenal for several reasons:

  • 3 times more powerful than a regular trimmer
  • 0mm shaving for a smoother head
  • More precise cutting head for a clean, finished look
  • High power for a cut without holes, cuts or snags
  • Will withstand longer hair lengths
  • 4 different size blades are provided for a controlled gradation: 1.5 mm – 3 mm – 6 mm – 9 mm (the clipper will give you all the freedom you need to achieve your best feats).
  • Suitable for both hair and beards
  • No. 1 clippers used by professionals (hairdressers / barbers)
  • Carbon steel cutting head
  • Lithium battery for a long life
  • 4h autonomy for 60mn charge
  • Rotating motor 6500 to 10000 rpm