Pregnancy T-shirt with printed calendar

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Pregnancy T-shirt with printed calendar

Casual T-shirt

Its wide cut and relaxed style make this t-shirt a trendy garment and you will spread a fresh wind all around you.Pregnancy T-shirt with printed calendar

What mom and dad doesn’t count the time left before the arrival of their offspring?

An original way to wait for baby’s arrival. For all the impatient parents, here is the birth countdown t-shirt, to be worn by the mom of course. During the 42 weeks of pregnancy or the last 42 days (depending on your preference), take your pen and cross out each day, the days left before the baby comes out. We all know, 9 months is a long time and even longer on the last moments. This countdown t-shirt will keep your mind busy and stimulate the excitement of the last moments!Pregnancy T-shirt with printed calendar


  • Unique and comfortable
  • Once the pregnancy is over, it will remain as a beautiful souvenir of this unforgettable period
  • Original gift idea for a mother-to-be
  • Countdown of the last 42 days before the birth or 42 weeks (depending on the mother’s desire to use her t-shirt)
  • Comfortable to wear for pregnant women.

Pregnancy T-shirt with printed calendar


Material : Cotton, polyester and elastane
Color : Blue, pink, white, yellow, red, green
Fabric : Soft and light
Package included : 1 x T-shirt
Size : S, M, L, XL, XXL (see image below) Pregnancy T-shirt with printed calendar

Note : If you want to keep the t-shirt as a souvenir at the end of your pregnancy, we recommend crossing out the calendar with a black marker so that the ink will keep intact in the wash. You can do it by yourself if you need to.