Play Mats for Children


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Play Mats for Children

Playing without risk of injury

The play mat not only brings a magical atmosphere but also joy and fun to your child’s room. With this play mat, you can ensure that your baby or toddler won’t get hurt while crawling, playing, or having fun. This children’s mat is very thick and soft so that your offspring can’t hurt themselves when they fall.

tapis pliable pour bébé

The other advantage of this mat to have it at home

This play mat has even more advantages. Not only does it protect against injury, but it also protects against the cold floor. It’s also good for adults: you don’t have to kneel, sit or lie on the hard floor to play with your child. Instead, you can sit comfortably next to them on this play and learning mat. It can be placed in the entrance hall of the living room, hallway, bedroom, and office.
It can be used as a yoga mat, tea table mat, sofa mat, bedside mat, or computer chair mattress. It is water-absorbent, oil-resistant, and slip-resistant.

tapis pliable pour bébé

As with all items for babies and toddlers, quality and health are a top priority. This play mat also meets these requirements. It is made of only the highest quality materials and is used in a clean manner. Your child will spend a lot of time on this play mat and it will withstand this intensive use without difficulty. You will be able to use it for many years, even for little brothers and sisters. All substances that are harmful to your child’s health have been eliminated. You can let your children enjoy this play mat without worrying.

Tapis de Jeux pour Enfants

Take advantage of this colorful day mat to help your child in his education

This play mat allows your child to interact with the images that will help him to :

  • Learn numbers and letters
  • Associate symbols and quantities.
  • Develop their mathematical mind.
  • Recognize geometric shapes
  • Recognize colors.
  • To develop intelligence.

tapis pliable pour bébé


  • Material : Cotton, Foam
  • Size : 200 x 180 x 1 cm
  • Color : As in the picture