Beard Contouring Stencil


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Beard Contouring Stencil

Trim your beard like a pro

Wanting a beard is good. Knowing how to draw it correctly is much better! This beard stencil (also called beard marker) is the perfect accessory to outline your beard like a pro!Beard Contouring Stencil

How to trace the contours of your beard ?

What a headache it is to work the contours of your beard with great precision. Whether you use an electric razor, a trimmer, a safety razor or a cabbage trimmer to trim your beard, one clumsy stroke of the razor or trimmer and the outline is missed. It is therefore difficult to obtain the same result as when you leave the barber’s shop: a perfect beard trim, cleanly worked and well symmetrical contours. The beard contouring tool is the trickiest thing to do.

The curve of the beard stencil is used to outline the beard:

  • On the cheeks
  • On the sideburns (jawbones)
  • On the neck

Beard Contouring Stencil